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Taipei Trip: Jingtong 菁桐

Taipei Trip: Jingtong 菁桐 (Day 2) – It’s a day trip out of Taipei where I visited a few interesting tourist attractions. We actually hired a cab for our whole day trip and it costed 3500NT$ for about 8 hours and the trip took us from our hotel to Jingtong – Shifen – Jiufen and ended at Keelung Miao Kou Night Market. I would say the price was quite reasonable for a day trip. If we were to take the public transport, I don’t think we can visit all of the places in one day, they are all quite far apart.
There’s actually a plan to include Yehliu Geological Park, but couldn’t make it as it’s quite far away. We started our trip by our cab driver – Mr Zhang. He took us to Jingtong which used to be a small mining town along the Pingxi train line. At there you can take photos on the railway track, check out the old street of Jingtong for a little snacks and breakfast, send a post card and chill. It’s not a major attraction but somehow interesting to see and experience.
Initially, I didn’t plan to visit Jingtong, but since it’s on the way to other places, it’s nice to stop by.
Lamborghini on the way to Jingtong.
Randomly spotted a temple and went to make a little prayer.
Welcome to Jingtong.
It’s me, on the railway track. Very nostalgic.
Wishing bamboo.
Refreshing Taiwanese jelly.
Cheap Sui Gao @ 35NT$ for 8 pieces. Not bad, finally I see chili!
Soft shell crab where I don’t find it interesting.
Homemade ice cream, OKOK-only.
Post box for post card delivery, very common things to do in Taiwan.
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