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Taipei Trip: 十分 Shifen & Sky Lanterns

Taipei Trip: 十分 Shifen & Sky Lanterns (Day 2) – About 30 minutes was spent at Jingtong and we  proceeded to the next station – Shifen, the famous place for sky lanterns in the whole Taiwan. You will be super amazed if you visit the place on the 15th day of Chinese New Year where the sky will turn into a massive and beautiful flying lanterns air space! Too bad, it’s not Chinese New Year, nor it’s night time. Don’t be surprise that people releasing sky lantern to the air during the day, because it’s Shifen and people do that.
When mentioning about Shifen, first thing comes to the mind is the old street that lies along the single railway track, then the not-so-famous Shifen Waterfall. At the Shifen old street, there’s a row of shops selling sky lantern as well as food, and at the end, there’s the Shifen railway station on the Pingxi line. It is also the last station too, that’s why you will see a lot of people alight at this station when the train approached.
Releasing sky lantern is a must-do no matter what time of the day, price is only NT$100 for one colour and NT$150 for multiple colour, you write your wishes, draw your artwork and the person will even help you to snap photos when you are releasing the lantern in the air happily. =D So yeah.
Shifen Waterfall? Not worth to visit because it’s just a waterfall, with entrance fee. So yeah.
Lovely railway track!
A bridge, near Shifen.
Sky lantern, up up here we go!
Drawing and writing wishes on the sky lantern.
Mom showing off her calligraphy skill.
Grilled chicken ass.
Tunnel to the failyland! Remind me of Spirited Away anime.
Once I saw the entrance ticket stuff, I straight away turn back and leave the Shifen Waterfall. It’s not that awesome after all.
At least, I took a photo in front of the signage of Shifen Waterfall. =D
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