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Taipei Trip: 九份 Jiufen

Taipei Trip: 九份 Jiufen (Day 2) – Narrow uphill streets, hilly, the inspiration for Spirited Away, the view of East China Sea, street food, super crowded, people, people, people & taro balls are what describing this beautiful Jiufen. Do not visit on a Sunday I warn you, as the street is packed and crowded which makes walking difficult.
If you are young and want to relax, spend a night here at the Minsu, catch the sunrise, sip a few cup of coffee, enjoy the breeze here! Too bad, I couldn’t experience any of these. When the night falls, red lanterns outside the shops light up, it is then turned into a beautiful old town of Taiwan.
Jiufen is a place that has ‘feel’ and relaxing, somewhat not during the weekend due to the crowds. Eat the fish ball there, as well as the taro ball with red bean soup. If you have time, just chill at there, and give your mind a break.
On the way to Jiufen…
Entrance of Jiu Fen Old Street.
Oh beautiful houses on the hill slopes. Feels like Brazil to me.
East China Sea!
First taro ball! Well, no need to search for the best taro ball or the most famous one because they all look and taste the same to me!
I prefer Blackball, Snowflakes, Meatfresh because I don’t like to eat with red bean soup.
Oh very good fish ball I tell you!
Famous takoyaki chain in Taiwan.
Sweet potato puff.
Wild boar meat sausage. Sounds good right? Not really to me.
My first encounter with white bittergourd! The bittergourd juice with honey lemon taste good in Taiwan by the way!
Do not eat this grilled mushroom, I don’t like!
Taro balls again and seriously, they taste the same!
At somewhere in Jiufen.
Yo aunty, or uncle?
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