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Taipei: National Palace Museum Is Not Really A Must-See Attraction

Taipei: National Palace Museum Is Not Really A Must-See Attraction – Despite that the National Palace Museum in Taipei is ranking 4 out of 130 in TripAdvisor, my experience told me that it’s not really a must-visit if you are not so much of a historical person.
The palace doesn’t looks like a palace inside. The museum is a very modern & contemporary gallery featuring all the artefacts from ancient China until today. I just find that the interior does not justify the element of historical artefacts. NT$160/person for admission was quite reasonable, but comparing to the free admission of British Museum is just so-so-so-so-so much different. HAHA.
There’s really a lot to see in the museum but I was just yawning through everything and joined the long queue of seeing the cabbage! ‘Why would people be queuing to see just a vegetable?!’ That’s the most special artefact of the museum, a jade carved into a cabbage-shape. Yeah, that’s it. One more thing, all of these were belong to the ‘original China’ before the born of People Republic of China, you can say it’s not originally Taiwan, but Chiang Kai Shek had did a good job preserving them.
Visit, or not, it’s up to you, I think it’s not really a must-see.
No photography inside, so there’s not much photos. =D
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