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Sunday Night At Canary Wharf

London // Sunday Night At Canary Wharf – I wonder why on earth would anybody want to go to Canary Wharf on a Sunday night?! Yeah, that’s us, the siao-kia, the crazy bunch that had nothing to do in London, wandering around randomly and made an evening visit to Canary Wharf.
Although it’s just located in Zone 2 of London, but the architecture and street at Canary Wharf would probably brings you ‘out of London’! Erm… You can call it the office area of London, sort-of CBD of London, or the International London, or not-London, or Singapore-in-London, or Sydney-in-London, or whatever. There’s no Victorian-style building, they all all just modern, International-style office blocks with big brands like JP Morgan, HSBC Citibank and blablabla.
So, Sunday night, no working hours, no white collars, it’s literally a small dead city, except it’s quite windy, and security guards patrolling the office blocks. It’s good to see another side of London, modern, tall (still shorter than most buildings in Kuala Lumpur), and clean! (I have to say that Canary Wharf has the cleanest street in London, seriously, London is not that clean after all).
Should’ve got over to Greenwich to view across the Thames for a better view of Canary Wharf, but nevermind, there’s still chance.
Jubilee Line of London’s Underground, the only line that looks new, clean, and good, even with anti-jump-to-the-track-and-die-suicide platform screen doors too!
Canary Wharf Underground Station.
Interesting underground station full of exposed concrete.
JP Morgan!
Cycle Hire @ Canary Wharf.
The street that doesn’t looks London.
A piece of… s…. superb art.
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