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Singapore Food: Lucky BBQ Seafood At Pasir Panjang Food Centre

Singapore Food: Lucky BBQ Seafood At Pasir Panjang Food Court – Who likes Singapore food? Please raise your hand. Just my 2 cents, no offence, I like Penang’s food more, Singapore’s food, SO-SO only. Perhaps Singapore’s Chili Crab is good? I don’t know, never try before. Singapore’s Hainan Chicken Rice is just another chicken rice, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong also has their very own Hainan Chicken Rice, so what’s so awesome about Singapore’s Hainan Chicken’s Rice? Other than that, I think what’s good in Singapore is those restaurants and cafes. Haha.

Let’s get into the main point. I believe Chinese in Malaysia always eat out at seafood corner, cook fried corner – 煮炒zhu char (hokkien), da chao (cantonese), zhu chao (mandarin), which is eating Chinese cook dishes in kopitiam or food court instead of a proper restaurant.

On my trip to Singapore, I’ve get to try the Singapore-style of zhu chao. Located in Pasir Panjang Food Centre, there’s a stall named Lucky BBQ Seafood. I get to know about it because my brother is a frequent visitor to this stall and it’s operated by my brother’s girlfriend’s aunty.

Our dinner started off with a plate of appetizer, called Gong Gong (Conch), it’s a kind of sea snail. The Gong Gong were just light cook and to be eaten with seafood chilli sauce. The way of eating it is like how we eat the balitong here. It’s my first time to try out this Gong Gong, quite special.

Up next is Fried Lala Clams with garlic and egg. Something different again because mostly what we had in Malaysia is spicy and sour style instead of garlic and egg which makes the taste lighter. This in fact brings out the taste of the seafood more.

Fried Garlic Sai Yeung Choi (watercress)(xi1 yang2 chai4), have you tried this before? I bet many of you haven’t tried before as watercress vegetable (sai yeung choi) mostly used for making soup.

Hotplate Bean Curd, something common here. In this little hot plate, you can find many bean curd toufu and mouth watering vegetable. A plate of this cost SG$10.

Another common thing can be found in Malaysia and Singapore, as well as everyone’s favourite – the Balachan Deep Fried Chicken, they call it the Prawn Pasted Chicken.

Lastly, the Sambal Crab, Lucky BBQ Seafood-style of Chilli Crab, which tasted sweet and spicy on the sauce. It’s something special again, with a little bit of spicyness, it tasted not bad.

Singapore’s Zhu Char is kinda different from Malaysia’s in term of food. Ask me which one I like, of course I will say Penang’s. There’s no curry fish head at there which I like. Share your views.


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