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SHOW LUO 罗志祥 at Paradigm Mall

SHOW LUO 罗志祥 at Paradigm Mall – Show, show, show, show off, show hand, show me, show bird, show you; NO, it’s SHOW LUO! Luo Zhi Xiang went to Paradigm Mall to promote his upcoming concert in Genting Highland in May and I happened to be there to see him! Not really a fan of him, but salute and respect him as a good singer, dancer and funny host for the former 100% Entertainment 娱乐百分百. Yay. That’s it.
Didn’t really spend a long SHOW time, after a while, stomach went drumming, and it’s SUSHI time, dinner at my favourite Zanmai with the designers again. And that’s mark an end for my Friday night. Blah!
Not interested in SHOW ah?
Nick, Jason, Dai Lou.
Henry, Connie, Inn, Quenna.
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