Shop for U mobile prepaid in Penang

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  1. lols. U don hv 3G…T.T
    btw, it’s cheap and new!
    now KL is ‘heng-ing’ using U

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    Laugh you, your name is short. xD
    U have 3G but not in Penang, sadly.

  3. now leh?
    long enuf?
    hahaha, my turn to laugh u d.xD
    urs one so short
    mine one longer

    i love the design of U’s cover

  4. Crossfire^^ says:

    FYI, KL also can’t find nice number for U mobile, i’ve been searching for a long time.

  5.—best blog ever! xD…i’m ho chiak si lang tomyammee aka sexy phing aka leng lui phing or u can cal me SEXY LENG LUI PHING.^^:
    Siao a you, I always have the short name. =) Simple and sweet.

    Yeah, it’s quite attractive and I like the prefix 018.

    Yeah, today I went to the mall and found a better number. I got two 018 now, but I will the dump the old one.

  6. yayaya~~~simple and sweet….=.=
    lols, actually i want change to…Yo! d
    is u laugh me eh
    don u feel tat…Yo! so special and hv de omp!

  7. ah KOK says:

    komtar so classy! i just realised it is under renovation! not bad! komtar is back very soon!

    018…buy 018-4848584 nice! hehe

  8. aka kia says:

    I want to get one Umobile nice number.. where can get it? wow within 7 days need to top up else expire? FREE SIM PACK waw… that cool.

  9. You can normally buy a prepaid cellular phone for under one
    hundred dollars, even cheaper if you get one that has been
    refurbished. If you have bad credit, this is going to be a
    whole lot cheaper than paying a hefty deposit.


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