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Shanghai: Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station

China Trip – Shanghai: Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station 上海长途客运南站 (Day 2) – Good morning! It’s second day at Shanghai. I was not feeling well the day before due to lack of sleep and sudden cold, but then I was so much better on the second day. I was craving for some McDonald’s to bring up my appetite.

The second day of my China Trip was to a very famous ancient water town – Zhouzhuang, which is located near to Suzhou. After getting direction from the hostel’s front desk, we started our journey.

How to go to Zhouzhuang? – Go to Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station and take a 1.5 hours bus ride to Zhouzhuang.

The morning was OK-cold, it’s about 9 degree celcius. It’s my first time experiencing Shanghai, but the main point of day 2 was not Shanghai, but Zhouzhuang, so I didn’t bother to see Shanghai yet. Shanghai South-Long Distance Bus Station is kinda far, we have to change two lines in Shanghai Metro. We took Line 2 train at Nanjing Lu Station to People’s Square, then change to Line 1 to Shanghai South Station.

Walking towards the Shanghai Metro.

Wet morning, but not heavy rain.

11 Lines in Shanghai Metro. Not easy reading the Metro’s map.

Look! Chinese people queuing up to board the Metro! That’s so cool man.

The bus station is not located right beside the Metro or above, it takes another 10 minutes walk from the metro station to the bus station. We were hungry, but we wanted to go buy ticket first.

There’s two bus going to Zhouzhuang daily, one at 8:15am, another at 1.20pm. We bought the 1.20pm tickets, and as usual, we need to produce our ID document while buying the ticket. It’s only 35RMB to Zhouzhuang. Then we went to buy food for lunch – McDonald’s!

How am I gonna shit here? Imagine you see other people’s poo floating pass you.

Cold duck wing. Yums.

Checking ticket.

Spicy Chicken Fillet Burger is awesome!

Spotted a ferries wheel while on the way to Zhouzhuang.

The bus station is really high tech. There’s a waiting hall and ticket check point gate. We boarded the bus at about 1.10pm. The driver wanted us to finish the McDonald’s burger as he said that the burger smells weird. Haha. Chinese driver doesn’t like McDonald’s. The ride to Zhouzhuang takes about 1.5-2 hours depends on traffic. I looked out of the bus window to see Shanghai and I found some stupid thing. A driver parked his car by the highway’s road side, went down of his car, then pee by the road, then get back into his car and drive. DA FUQ is the Chinese doing?

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