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Red Box KTV At 1st Avenue

I went to Red Box at 1st Avenue last week with my high school friend, Arron Lim, Yan Chien Chern, Tan Tee Jin, Ng Yan Duan, and Tay Zez Chien. Haha. It was a good gathering as it had been some times that we didn’t go to the KTV together.

To share with you something is that during high school time, we go to the KTV at least once every two months. So we were quite a frequent Red Box customer.

Last time Red Box was only available at Gurney Plaza, but now there’s another place to go KTV, which is 1st Avenue. We didn’t book a room but then there’s quite plenty of KTV rooms for us.

Arron Lim.

Yan Chien Chern.

Yan Duan.

We paid for student price at RM8++ per person and the session was 3pm to 7pm. It’s quite a long time for us to sing.

Tee Jin.

Zez Chien,

The afternoon was fun, we sing, we scream and we get crazy. It was a nice gathering with them. It really brings back the memories back when it was high school. =D

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