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Quiet Seremban Town

Quiet Seremban Town

Quiet Seremban Town – Two weeks ago, I drove all the way to Singapore with my family. It was lunch time and we passed by Seremban, wanting to go into the little town to look for lunch. It’s actually my second time visiting Seremban. We went there before few years ago but couldn’t find any good food and this time, we went there to have a try again.

Quiet Seremban Town

I’ve heard that there has good Hakka Mee @ Tou Kee, I followed the GPS to the place. Unfortunately it’s not opened. We tried to look for other food around the town but still there’s nothing look interesting and most of the shops were closed, on a Friday afternoon. I wonder why the town is so quiet during a weekday?

Seremban is really very small and under-develop in my opinion. Anyone from there or know about there would like to introduce some nice good eating place? =D

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