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Play The Flappy Bird

Play The Flappy Bird – I was late to Flappy Bird, only started playing it like 3 days ago and I still consider myself lucky to have the game in all my devices! I don’t really want to discuss on why the developer Dong Nguyen had decided on removing the game from AppStore and PlayStore, I just want to tell you that I am suck at flying my bird through the Mario-style pipe, but I am enjoying the game from time to time and also feel tulan when hitting the pipe (My current point is 15, you can call me noob and I don’t mind. LOL.).

So, the game is now off the shelves, but I have found the web version that you can play it on your web browser. Yay? Although not as smooth as on the mobile, but if you are just getting to know about Flappy Bird, click this link  ( now to play!

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