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Penang Canon EOS User Gathering At Coob Cafe

Last Sunday night, I went to Coob Cafe at KOMTAR Walk to meet up with the Penang Canon EOS DSLR users for a little chit-chat and sharing session (some known as TT / Teh Tarik session). Well, since I am in a holiday and so lucky to be back in my hometown while his event happens, so I went to join the EOS DSLR user for a little gathering to make friends and try some power gear. =D

These lens total up can buy a car. I am serious.

I actually got the invites from Facebook and I knew one of them. It’s a good sharing session because I get to played with some powerful lenses and learn about some photography stuff, as you know I am still very noob in photography even though I have been playing for quite a long time, yet my interest in photography has not faded yet.

As you know, I just bought a new lens lately, the Sigma, so I shared it out too. One thing, my camera was the oldest at there, using the Canon EOS 400D, what a classic. Even though it’s old, I am still loving it, it’s still powering my blog with all the awesome photos.

Somehow, I am thinking of upgrade, just that I don’t have enough money for it yet. So in the mean time of saving it, I am still sticking with my lovely 400D. =D

Played 2 L lenses at there, one was the 70-200 F2.8L and another one was the 100mm F2L. L lens is the top of the lines and the most high quality Canon photographic lens, people like to say L stands for luxurious. For your information, an L lens, the cheapest one is about RM2.8k. Expensive right? Photography is really an expensive hobby. However, the photo quality is superb!

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Do you like photography?

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