Orange Sky

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  1. Sentosa Girl says:

    Look at my bottom few photos.

  2. darren says:

    seem like the world is going to end soon….

  3. Chansey says:

    Brilliant pic. I live just next door and yes, the sky is orange almost every evening.

    Btw, just a suggestion. if you want us to vote you for best site (from your facebook group) you may want to brush up your English.

  4. teohhanhui says:

    “If you want another color of the sky, you need bigger particles in the
    air. You need something bigger than molecules in the air—dust.

    Dust particles can be many times larger than air molecules but still
    small enough to not fall out to the ground. If the dust particles are
    much larger than the wavelength of light, the scattered light will be
    neutral in color (i.e., white or gray)—this also happens in clouds
    here on Earth, which consist of water droplets. If the dust particles
    are of approximately the same size as the wavelength of light, the
    situation gets complex, and all sorts of interesting scattering
    phenomena may happen. This happens here on Earth from time to time,
    particularly in desert areas, where the sky may appear white, brown,
    or some other color.”

  5. Nicholas Chan says:

    Sentosa Girl :
    Ah Okay.

    Wing Loon :
    Yeah, thanks.

    Darren :
    It does seems like the world is going to end sometimes.

    Chansey :
    Ah, thank you. Yes, I’ll take it as a feedback. =)

    teohhanhui :
    LOL ! I want purple or pink. xD HAHA. Green will be cool.

  6. cindy says:

    Beautiful picture! ^^

  7. Nicholas Chan says:

    cindy :
    Thank you! =)

    Janet :
    No wor, purple is cool.

  8. Janet says:

    did u see a rainbow that day?
    i have some with rainbow eh.
    i used to see purple sky when i was small,
    but now no more…=(

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