Nyonya Laksa and Malacca Cendol in Jonker88, Malacca

Today I want to introduce a must visit cafe/restaurant along the famous Jonker Walk in Malacca. It doesn’t sell chicken rice ball but does have a wide variety of local street food like assam laksa, nyonya laksa, siam laksa, cendol, curry mee and more, all under one roof. Some might thing, it’s so not authentic when it comes all under one roof but actually the food are cook by different stalls inside this Jonker 88 Cafe.

It’s full of people from afternoon till night and I came by here twice, once was to try the laksa and another time to try the cendol as recommended by Internet people.

The interior is pretty nice as there’s many hanging pictures and antique stuff in it, thought one lousy thing is not clean, we spotted a rat ran over the place, that’s pretty crazy I feel. Without bothering the dirtyness, we just eat and go, didn’t wnat to spend long time at there as many were still waiting for the places.

The cendol is only RM2 and it’s very sweet, very nice and portion pretty big. What’s different from the one at the Clock Tower’s is this one is not so waterish as that, it’s more icy and the gula melaka is pour on top of the ice instead of the bottom. Yet, it’s still a good eat.

Next up we’ve got the Nyonya Laksa. I thought Nyonya Laksa is like Siam Laksa which has lemak (coconut milk) in it but it’s differnt, it’s close to assam laksa because of the sour taste and there’s egg, fu chok and some vegetable. What’s different is there’s no prawn paste like there’s in assam laksa.

Another thing is I think the Siam Laksa at here is pretty good-sell because that it had sold out when we wanted to order it. So we tried Nyonya, and not a bad try. Can try. Maybe you will like it. =)

One more thing, I am curious about the taste of assam laksa at there as now I am pretty confuse where is the origin of assam laksa, Penang or other place? Haha.

Ignore me. =D


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