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Not Enough Feeling

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Haha, today, 777, I went to audition for our very own in school singing competition. Not thinking of winning, just for the sake of fun, joyness of singing and to gain my dareness. I believe, some of you, ask you go sing also not dare to. Hehe.

Gain 1% of dareness. LOL. I am the last to go in to the audition room because they had made a mistake, they didn’t put my name into the list and I am the last one. This is the first time school having such competition and gets good response too! My form, Form 3 have 71 register but 61 student present.

Nervous? Of course la, but fun also la. I sang the song, 淘汰 Tao Tai by Eason Chen. They want me sing only the chorus part then after singing, the judge say I need to put MORE feeling into the song. HAHA. No chance getting into next level. I admit my singing is bad, but it’s fun singing. All judges are student, those Form 5s Form 6s people from the Choir.

They say 8.30 start, but afterall, 10.30 finish. Then follow up with Form 2, Form 1, Form 4 and Form 5. Every one was training to sing at almost every corner in school. So you go toilet, you will get to hear free songs as someone is singing.

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  • Anonymous
    July 7, 2007 at 4:13 pm

    ur blog is interesting but very hard to find lo… haihz…. must pratice more singing hehe.. so tat u can sing for ur gf ….hehe….=p


  • ahlost
    July 7, 2007 at 6:27 pm

    it’s a good try 🙂

  • Aaron Chua
    July 7, 2007 at 11:50 pm

    wuah 1% of dareness! LOL~
    Eh at first will gan-jiong, but after a while, you’ll get used to it and start feeling natural.

  • Nicholas
    July 8, 2007 at 2:24 pm

    hehe, ya, at least i got some experience about it.


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