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My Monday Afternoon At Starbucks, Straits Quay


Lalala. Why people like to go Starbucks to online? What if you want to go to the toilet and who are going to take care of your personal belongings? Hmm. That’s a really good question and I also don’t know how. Can’t really put trust on the barista too, they might be busy with their word and slip pass the look on your belongings.


1 cup of Starbucks Coffee Ice Blended Frapuccinno Java Chips is RM15.50. At home, 1 cup of ice blended Milo is FREE. But people still like to go Starbucks to online. It’s a trend, it’s a getaway from home, and of course, it’s preventing yourself from growing mushroom due to staying at home for a long period.

I spent my Monday afternoon at Starbucks Coffee, Straits Quay with Hueisean. =D Cold and nice music, of course, nice coffee too. It’s not something that I do oftenly.

Question: Do you go outside to online?

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