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Mid-Autumn Lok-Lok At Steve’s

Mid-Autumn Lok-Lok At Steve’s – Mid-Autumn Festival is often known as a reunion day for the Chinese, but it’s not as important as Chinese New Year’s Eve, so I did not reunion with my family.

So how did I celebrate Mid-Autumn this year? I actually so-called celebrated it on the eve, means the day before at my friend – Steve’s place. To be exact, it was his uncle’s place. Very simple only, they hired a truck of Lok-lok (fish ball, sausage, meat skew steamboat) and we went to eat. That’s it.

No lanterns because the kids took them all. So, it’s us the 4 ma-lat-lous – Steve, Arvin, Wesley and me talking crap and eat lok lok, and with a bunch of Hakka uncle and aunty that I do not know. First time being in a Hakka-community that I know nothing about this dialect.

Thanks for the invite. I’m getting interested with the Hakka-dialect, anyone teach me? Let’s start with vulgar word first (most language learner start with vulgar word, don’t you think so?). Haha.

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  • Thao Nguyen
    March 3, 2015 at 7:57 am

    Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the big celebration for the Chinese Community. This year, iM4U volunteers joined the villagers from Kampung Baru On Lok, Melaka to celebrate this festival on 6th September 2015.


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