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Malacca: Nadeje Cafe Mille Crepe Cake

Malacca: Nadeje Cafe Crepe Cake

Malacca: Nadeje Cafe Crepe Cake – There’s one thing that is very famous in Malacca, not the Chicken Rice Ball, not the Cendul, not a typical local food but it’s a kind of desserts, it’s layered mille crepe cake (thousand layer cake 千层蛋糕). Malacca must be familiar with this name – Nadeje, a famous cafe that makes good crepe cake and has a variety of flavours of them.

Malacca: Nadeje Cafe Crepe Cake

Every one was talking about it previously on Facebook, on Twitter and so here I am to check it out the place and of course, the crepe cake. There’s 3 outlets in Malacca, one in Melaka Raya, one in Dataran Pahlawan and the latest is at Jaya 99. We went to the most original outlet and that’s at Melaka Raya. It was 5.30pm and not surprise, people were waiting outside to be seated. It’s full house! We waited for like 20 minutes only then we got place to sit.

The interior decoration of the cafe is pretty cool and in a sense of contemporary design.

Malacca: Nadeje Cafe Crepe Cake

Malacca: Nadeje Cafe Crepe Cake

Malacca: Nadeje Cafe Crepe Cake

Looking at the menu, there’s many food for you to eat like pasta, chicken chops and more, but our main purpose of the visit was the crepe cakes! We ordered the crepe cake first at the counter upon entering and it costs RM9.50/slice. There’s many choices for you to pick and we picked 4 to try out. They are:

  • Mango Crepe Cake
  • Tiramisu Crepe Cake
  • Chocolate Crepe Cake
  • Original Crepe Cake

They all looked very pretty. The first few taste of them were good, they were sweet, but not overly sweet, and a strong essence of milk can be felt on our taste bud. It was nice, but eating more of them started to make me feel bored of it, it’s just too much of milk. Maybe, maybe it’s not really my favourite thing, or maybe it’s just too much, but I just felt enough of it after eating half. Some says it’s over-rated, some says it’s good,well, I’ll say, it’s good, BUT, it’s my first time eating crepe cake, so I can’t judge whether it’s the best or not. What do you think?

One more thing, original and chocolate are awesome.

Nadeje Cake House

G-23,25 & 27,
Jalan PM4, Plaza Mahkota,
75000 Malacca

Telephone: +606-2838750



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