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Magazine Road Famous Tang Yuan 头条路甜汤圆

Magazine Road Famous Tang Yuan – Magazine Road also known as Tao Tiao Lor (头条路) or literally means First Road in Penang Hokkien has a famous Tang Yuan Chinese Dessert stall that have operated for quite many years. It’d been featured on the newspaper and TV before.

Located in front of Penang’s famous landmark, KOMTAR tower and 1st Avenue Shopping Centre, you can find people hanging there at late night just to eat a couple of Chinese glutinous rice ball in a sweet and spicy ginger soup. The soup is actually a simple mixture of brown sugar, ginger and pandan leaves. Some who doesn’t like ginger can opt for normal brown sugar soup. The fragrance of the ginger is very strong that I can smell it from far.

It’s the only stall that I know up to date that operate till late night. So if you are craving for a little bit of Chinese dessert, need something to bite, you can visit this stall.

I do visit the stall some times when the night is still young that I feel like eating at late night. They only two kinds of filling in the tang yuan, one which is peanut and another is sesame. I like both of them, but if were to choose one, I like the sesame’s more. Tangyuan originally feels chewy and tasteless in mouth, the tangyuan at this stall wouldn’t be hard to chew and the first bite gets you into the fillings if you have sharp teeth which flavours your mouth with the sweet fillings. A drink of the sweet and spicy ginger soup makes the night even more refreshing.

Accompany with the little filling-less tangyuan, it’s makes the night a wonderful night.

Time: 7pm-12am

Closed on Wednesday and Sunday.

Telephone: 016-477 7764 (Ah Hock)


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