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Laing Art Gallery & High Bridge Quarter Festival

Laing Art Gallery & High Bridge Quarter Festival – I am now spamming my blog with all the lovely blue sky days that I had on last month in Newcastle. Feeling bad not updating my blog occasionally, which causes me to spam it all out. Haha. Nevertheless, I don’t care, I just like to share, and post, that’s it.
This is Mr Laing.
Forgotten on which day of last month, I went to the Laing Art Gallery in the city just for fun with a bunch of friends from my hometown, Penang! Great! Although I am an interior design student, art gallery with paintings still feels very boring to me. I prefer contemporary, modern, installation art. Full stop. The only thing that interests me is that all of the painting collections are dated back many years ago. That’s a wow, which the place is more like a museum for painting. Yawned all the way out and it’s time to walk around the city.
KFC is better back in Malaysia in my opinion. There’s no Thai Chilli Sauce and you have to pay for ketchup. Sad.
So relaxing ah!
Hi Penang-lang.
A friend brought us to High Bridge at Grainger Town where there was a festival going on – High Bridge Quarter Festival. Happily, it was happenings, filled with music and laughter, but sadly, it was almost the end of festival at 5pm where the stalls were starting to pack up. Too bad, but then I enjoyed the day with a good weather and a good time with people of Penang. It just feels home.
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