Klian Intan and Pengkalan Hulu is a real ulu place

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  1. what a joyful family reunion!!

  2. wenzi says:

    pengkalan hulu 😀

    i back there too during CNY hahha. 😀

  3. cyclopseven says:

    Hi there I hailed from there. I like the place very much. Dun worry much about technology. The peace and beautiful surroundings is worth the technology. God Bless.

  4. J2Kfm says:

    haha, yeah it’s a real far out place from civilization (?) but a quiet little town, and so near to betong. Will be there end of the month. 🙂

  5. Krohite says:

    Helo? Knock! Knock! Don’t give wrong info ok. I am a born Krohite and i dont like it. Dont talk like Ulu is so boring ok. ANyway, who said no Astro, or internet, or watever. Ive been on Streamyx for 2 years over now since i chose to move back here and the whole neighbourhood has Astro since it started. Where is your mom’s uncle’s house, inside the jungle in Klian Intan??? Haha! No wonder. Now Klian Intan is ‘ulu’ in your sense but the people live like good human beings. Not like big cities where no one what to talk to neighbours.
    I lived, studied and worked in KL 15 years. What so great there?? Same old malls with boring people ..not unlike you! And ignorant too.

  6. Krohite:
    Hello, sorry for not typing properly. I was refering to my uncle’s house. =) Same old malls, but there’s park, there’s street, there’s beach. My mom’s uncle house is just opposite the Balai Polis, not saying that I dislike the place, it’s a nice countryside living, but you are insulting me. I know you love your hometown, it’s a good place, but it’s not a city, it’s just a suburbs outside the town. No one can expect that much. Cheer.

  7. Chin from Sydney says:

    Good on you Krohite! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover but the content. Like you I was born and bred in Kroh but now residing in Sydney over 30 years now. If it wasn’t for the ‘ulu’ education from my beloved Eok Kwan and Tun Saban where would I be? I love my hometown including Klian Intan where we used to live when I was about 5 years old. Having tavelled quite extensively both eastern and western, to me what count is the people, their culture and it’s natural beauty. Learn, respect and appreciate these attributes and one might begin to love any place including an ‘ulu’ place like KI or Kroh!

  8. InsyirahChong says:

    Hello there..
    so happy coz my luvly hometown is so peaceful even not as an big city as kl now..
    i wish it wont become a big city….

  9. Anak Malaysia says:


    Did you like the food on reunion day? The same delicious stuff every year right but can’t get anywhere else? Cheers!

  10. christie says:

    Pengkalan hulu is ok lar..i can go internet wif dads modem..BUT CANOT SIGN INTO MSN!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  11. The One says:

    Hi “Chin from Sydney”;

    I’m from Eok Kuan and tun saban too 😀

  12. moon says:

    yes.. my hometown is Klian Intan pengkalan Hulu.. and my primary school is Kung LI… really miss childhood times… although in spore now.. but every year will go back celebrate CNY… it’s a beautiful, peace and natural place.. not big city can replace it.. I love my Hometown…

  13. Philip Ang SH says:

    Anybody here still remember me, Ang S. H.. I was teaching in SM Tun Saban from 1974 till 1977. my wife taught in Klian Intan, SJKC Kung Li and Kroh, Eok Kwan from 1976 till 1980. We went back to Klian Intan about 5 years back and the latest visit was on 11 Dec 2010 for a reunion dinner with the ex-pupils and teachers of SJKC Kung Li. It was indeed a wonderful and enjoyable time there with all those who were present. The dishes served were infact campatible if not better than some of those in the big towns and cities in Malaysia. But the cost were much lower. Credit and Thanks must go to the organnizing commitee who took the pain and effort to make it that successful amd amazying. Once again, Thanks you and wishing all of you a Happy CNY 2011.

  14. On 11 Dec 2011 night, I put up in a triple storey Hotel in Kroh. To my surprise, there was WIFI in the hotel to enable meto surf and went online with my smart phone. Kroh although is Ulu in name but not in technology nowadays.

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