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Ipoh // Sekeping Kong Heng

Lobby, I assumed, A common area too.

Ipoh // Sekeping Kong Heng – NG SEKSAN, one famous landscape and building architect in Malaysia whose concept is based on raw materials. Sekeping Kong Heng is one of his masterpiece located in Ipoh, Old Town, on top of of a old school kopitiam called Kong Heng.

My classmate actually went there before on a class trip but I missed the chance last time. On my visit to Burps & Giggles, I accidentally came across it that this is connected with the cafe. They are just back to back.

Well, talk a little bit about Sekeping, it’s a modern type of hotel, or you might call it homestay, it’s totally different from the typical hotel with a luxurious lobby, nice hotel room with warm light and shiny marble floor bathroom. The Sekeping is a hotel series located throughout Malaysia and which most of them have their different identity or style, but most of them with design based on bare raw material. There’s one Sekeping Victoria in Penang too.

Well, side alley of the building.
Kopitiam Kong Heng in front. It’s totally different thing from the back of the building,
Corridor to the room.
Green wall shading the area and the room.
I was able to open up the louver window and snap a shot of interior of the room. Weird, cold, cool, open, raw feeling.

Located on the first and second floor of the Kong Heng Kopitiam shophouse building is the Sekeping Kong Heng hotel, there’s like 10 rooms on first floor and and there’s a mini lobby at the ground floor. The second floor is more likely the roof area is a leisure/gathering spot. The whole building is open for visit except the hotel room.

The sexy stairs.
Attic area where there’s two more bed up here.
Gathering, hangout spot at the roof.
A view of adjacent building. Truly old town of Ipoh.

It’s more likely something new that you haven’t experience before. Living so close to the local, you can hear the laughter of uncles drinking kopi-peng in the morning, chattering in local Cantonese dialect, a connection with the raw material and the original building, it definitely will bring up a lot of feeling and inspiration in you. Well, Sekeping Kong Heng is sexy, I would say. Yums.

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