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I Came Back To Chung Ling High School

After 1.5 years of high school graduation, I came back to my high school, the Chung Ling High School, number 1 all-boys Chinese school in Penang. HAHAHA. Seriously, I do misses my high school quite a lot because there’s many bit of my happy memories.

Recent visit was actually to get the official copy of my SPM result certificate (not the copy slip that I’ve got last year), to eat the delicious canteen food and also to meet friends at the Upper Sixth Form.

Poh Lin of Upper Sixth Form.

Unfortunately, I did not get the SPM result certificate because that there’s no one in the admin office to attend us. We were there during lunch hour and they were out for lunch break. Too bad, so we just spent time wandering around school, eat and talk.

I am now in college, and many friends are still in high school doing the Sixth Form (A Level equivalent) and because of that I get to meet them when their classes dismiss. It was really nice to meet back all the high school mates and most of them haven’t change a bit. It brings back the times when we actually spend times every day in school together, doing some useless funny thing.

High school was fun, real fun. Some say being in an all-boys school will be boring because there’s no chick, but you are wrong, it’s fun as there’s no limitation and hesitation in our acts, doings and talking. We talk whatever we want.

Some even afraid of boys will turn into gay or afraid of being abused by gay. But I tell you, I found no gay (one or two perhaps) which they are probably embarrassed to approach the straights at that age. And one thing, I have no comment on gay, neither hate or like.

Arron Lim.

Do you know that Chung Ling High School has many powerful alumni? Singapore’s Minister of National Development was a Chung Ling boy. Jiang Haoliang who is the General Manager-Business in Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (factory that makes iPhone) was a Chung Ling boy. More and more.

Yan Chien Chern.

Well, another thing I got to say is that the canteen food is still cheap. Cheapest tid bits starts from RM0.20 for a piece of fried wantan, and normal food like Koay Teow Th’ng starts from RM1.20! Best food are Koay Teow Thng, fried egg, wantan mee and the economy mixed rice. These are awesome!

Ong Jing Min.

Ai Wu Chung Long 爱吾钟灵, the school motto, I Love My Chung Ling.

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