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How to catch a lizard

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  1. Fangs says:

    cruelty alert!! someone call SPCA!! just let it off some plant outside the house can d ma, it will grow by eating mosquitoes and flies, how bad can that be?

  2. ojibala says:

    wow… you are violent

    and lol…. i just notice that i am in YOUR blog! visited here before, hehe, can’t believe you actually that violent

  3. Fangs:
    Cannot! If I left it outside, more and more will come in my house. Eventually, make love in my house and breed. Then my house will be own3d by lizards already.

    Haha, I did not kill it lo. xD

  4. 3POINT8 says:

    or you can wet your and catch it.
    Fro some reason, lizards are easier to catch if your hand is wet. I think they don’t respond to water quite well..

  5. maike says:

    I will run away from them
    saya takut cicak!!!

  6. tomyammee says:

    OMG! u too wu eng d, go 2 catch a lizard. btw, u cn keep them as pets mah,i hv a friend her pet is lizard…hahaXD…

  7. 3POINT8:
    Good idea, I’ll try when I see them again next time. I don’t really dare to touch the lizard actually, it’s sticky yet cold.

    Really? HAHAHAHA.

    Haha, don’t want la. I scared later I don’t know how to take care then it dies.

  8. ojibala says:

    drop it from high grounds = violent

  9. Crossfire^^:
    Wow, that’s a good one! I use Shieldtox for everything, cockcroach, flies, mosquitoes, lizard. LOL.

    Haha, better than if I squeeze it, flush it down the toilet bowl or throw into rubbish bin.

  10. lynn_reen says:


  11. Chad says:

    Just wanna correct you that lizard did have bones 🙂

  12. wei haw says:

    hohoho!!! so…deep 1 meh???


    wish wont hav lizzard at my house!!

  13. yiying says:

    waaa. chek ak nia u. =P

  14. lynn_reen:
    Hmm, any better idea?

    Really? I thought it’s so small until it don’t have bones. Thanks for the info, wonder has it bones break or not.

    wei haw:
    Haha, no lizard is better. Got lizard is bad, it’s running around.

    Hahaha. Really bo? Next time I’ll see how you settle the lizard.

  15. yiying says:

    i wont settle it by myself. i sure shout for help from my parents. hahax.

  16. yiying:
    Haha, that time your parents just slap on the lizard. More cruel. xD

  17. yiying says:

    they wont do that larx. they wil just say “just lizard nia marx”. no help also. hahax.

  18. OSK says:

    Jst wondering y the lizard din escape while has chance during u busy snap shot him/her. Pity!

  19. lynn_reen says:

    scream, shout out loud, turn around and walk away. that’s it. 🙂

  20. yiying:
    Haha, then your house ma lizard everywhere?

    Because it had been shieldtox-ed.

    LOL, but the lizard is still here then if like this.

  21. lynn_reen says:

    just pretend tat u cant see

  22. lynn_reen:
    Haha, like that more disgusting la. Like you 2 are starring at each other. XD

  23. E_Phua says:

    Well, it's good to know that lizards do not have bones, lol.

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