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Hatyai: One-Day Road Trip To Hatyai, Thailand

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Hatyai Trip: One-Day Road Trip To Hatyai, Thailand – I went on a one-day trip to Hat Yai, southern Thailand last Sunday. Hat Yai, the southern most part of Thailand is about 2.5 hours from Penang. From Penang to border of Thailand at Bukit Kayu Hitam take about 1.5 hours + and from the custom border to the city of Hat Yai, it takes about an hour.

Now, almost every year that my family will go to Hat Yai, Thailand because we want to pay a visit to a relative who lives at there. Mom asked me to join them for the road trip, since it’s only a day trip and Thai food is pretty good, why not?

Hatyai: One-Day Road Trip To Hatyai, Thailand
On the way to Hat Yai, sunrise by the North-South highway.

Hat Yai is a small city that is famous to Malaysian and crowded with Malaysian tourist. It is located at the southern part of Thailand. I don’t really fancy about Hat Yai because it’s not attractive to me. I prefer Bangkok, Phuket, or other Thai’s island. Hat Yai, in my mind is not very authentically Thai, because people at there can actually speaks Mandarin and Hokkien. This is because of the big number of Malaysian Chinese visiting the city and the Thai learned up the language so that they can communicate in business, and food.

7 Eleven has good pork sausage and burger! =D

This is Thai’s flag.

Nevertheless, Hat Yai still have a sense of Thai with its architecture, people and food. However, you can’t really see tall building in the city. There’s not much attractions for you to visit, it’s only eat, shop and pray. Shop at Central departmental store, Lee Garden Plaza, or at the big market for some cheap bargain. Pray at Chinese Buddhist temple, or Thai’s Buddhist temple. As for eat, it’s Thai food, some travel to Songkhla seaside area for seafood, it’s about 40 minutes away from Hat Yai city.

Lunch at Saban-Nga Restaurant.

Checking out the famous shopping market where you can find clothing, bags, accessories, food and more. It’s a girl’s shopping heaven here. Most of the vendor can speaks Mandarin and Hokkien.

A Chinese charity temple.

Well, what I did there was visit my relatives, window shopping with mom, brought some Thai’s snack, pray at the Chinese temple, and eat Thai food. In this one-day trip, eat was the most interesting to me. I went to two cool restaurant – Saban-Nga Restaurant and Log Terrace Restaurant. Both serve good Thai food.

Tuk-tuk is how you get around Hat Yai area with fare as cheap as 20Baht/person.

Dinner at Log Terrace Restaurant.

Do you like Hat Yai?

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