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Good To See You Guys (5SA1 – Class Of 2009)

Wei Lee, Shi Jie, Tee Jin, Juan Shong, Jing Min, Hock Sheng, Jin Jie, Jin Sheng, Ee Teng, ME.

Good To See You Guys (5SA1 – Class Of 2009) – What a night… Spent the rainy night chit chatting with bunch of old friends of Chung Ling High School that have not met for a long time at the hawker stall and Starbucks Coffee, Straits Quay. It’s a good night to gather around and talk crap, mostly listening to Juan Shong talking his awesome life in United Kingdom. Although not everyone turned up, but it’s good to meet up.

Each of them have their own path of life, most of who I’ve met are and is going to the U.K., a few in Penang, a few going to Kuala Lumpur, a few to Johor, and me? Still gonna be in Kuala Lumpur for a year, but no idea where to after that. =) Still early to plan I guess?

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