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Go To Eat Penang Road Famous Cendol

My brother, Yikhung who is studying in Singapore came back to Penang for holiday and I had my wonderful time spent with him for the past few days but unable to do so now cause I am now back to school. Last Saturday, after fetching him from the airport, we went to Penang Road to eat the famous cendol.

Cendol, chendul, chendol, I don’t know which is the correct spelling. I don’t really care where the delicious and mouthwatering cendol comes from, but I am pretty sure that our Penang’s is uniquely awesome.

We parked our car behind Chowrasta Market and took a walk to the cendol stall.

And we saw tourist strolling along Penang Road and a weird man lying on the road. Really homeless and crazy. It’s so dangerous and take the road as a bed which is so uncomfortable. Come on homeless, get yourself wash up and get a job.

It’s really thirst quencher on a super hot weather. Icy cold dessert running down the throat to the stomach make the day fresh and happy.

Then I played with my brother new lens all along, it’s a Canon EF 28mm f/1.8 lens which is a very sharp fixed lens with wide aperture. Love it a lot.

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