Form Fours (at the moment)

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  1. p.e. says:

    Well, I dropped Chemistry & EST. Less stress 😛 Good luck with your studies and don’t give up easily!

  2. Crossfire^^ says:

    trust me, bio have to memorize like crazy, but chemistry can be cover up by doing more exercise!!

  3. Boon Kheng says:

    Glad that you entered Form 4 Science Stream. Form 4 is a big leap in your secondary school life. The learning curve starts, and steepens. You just need to get used to it.

    I took 12 subjects (the extra subjects being Chinese and Literature in English). With the exception of Chinese (A2), I scored A1 in other subjects. I’m the kind of person who has great understanding in things I learn, and days before exam I can afford to relax =)

    My strong side was on Physics (you need to know what you’re doing, not simply memorising and writing down answers on your exam paper!), while a lot of my friends complained it was hard!! I do keep up the standard in Chemistry and Biology as well, as that counts towards overall performance.

    At the same time, you need to do extensive reading to write good essays for your languages papers. Mind you, the expectations are high. During exams, I choose either factual or argumentative questions – I NEVER picked up a narrative or descriptive essay to write.

    Overall, I did the best =)

  4. teddY says:

    OMG that’s a lot of subjects for Form 4 students to handle! When I was at your age I was only grappling with 6 or 7 subjects, and I don’t really see the significance of the callous inclusion of so many unnecessary subjects. Yea the ministry can argue that the whole wide spectrum of subjects are to enrich your knowledge, but I don’t quite get their point of cramming so many subjects altogether. That’s pure craziness.

    But it’s also at Form 4 when science gets more interesting… you’ll have 3 subjects instead of one, and they’ll allow you to discover which one you prefer the most 🙂 and decide on your future endeavours. Good luck, anyway!

  5. Vinci says:

    I guess ICT is all about Windows, Hardware, Software and stuff like that. You won’t be able to learn programming at this early stage I think unless you learn them yourself ;D

  6. pLaTyC says:

    If you’re really serious about taking ICT in Chung Ling, you’d better be prepared to do most of the studying on your own.

    Last year the teacher barely taught us anything during the after school sessions saying that since we are all from the Science classes we should be able to handle the studying part by ourselves.

    Last year, he even asked us to help him type the notes for his classes. He would just leave us with the CDs to transcribe into MS Word.

    The only things he did that actually helped were to settle the SPM course work and giving us a summarised list of notes during the last lesson of the year.

    See you there…

  7. David says:

    Yeah i took ICT too,hope that the teacher can teach more things compared to last year.WELL,nice blog,nick! Keep up the good work.
    Hope that we all form 4s can score straight A’s in SPM!

  8. Cor says:

    i’m taking ict too…as for me f.4 is a bit suck…i don’t really like ict but i have no choice..i hope the exam paper is not that hard …wish all the f.4 student this year can past with flying colours in SPM next year..

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