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Foo CK’s Building Material Project 2 Presentation

Foo CK is my lecturer for Building Material class. Frankly speaking, this class is not very wonderful because there’s many theory and research work to do. Though, this is college, many stuff will not be liken and I still have to accept it. It’s ok, it’s alright. I don’t really complain a lot. It’s life people.

University, college, is not much different from high school in my opinion. Just stuff get more serious. Presentation became cooler and more professional than before. I love presentation, I like talking in front, my idol keynote presenter is Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc! That’s why I always follow his keynote all the time. Rocks.

Just sharing here are some photos, taken during the presentation about building materials. Photos are taken by my lecturer, Mr Foo. =D He borrowed my LX5 to snap the photos.

This presentation is about research of two material we have picked during our Ikano Power Centre site visit few weeks ago. We reviewed, researched and have to write up all the stuff on mounting board, at same time also prepared powerpoint slides. I felt I didn’t do so well but thankfully, I got pretty good result fo this. Oh yeah.

My group. Good job people.

My group’s board 1.

My group’s board 2.

=) Do you like to present?

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