First Lomo 120mm roll featuring Chowrasta Market in Penang

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  1. yLing says:

    Nice pic!
    I love Lomo!XD

  2. sexyinred says:

    not bad at all for the first few rolls :)…love your photos with the fish eye lens…

    LOMO ON!!!

  3. Vettel says:

    I think an external flash will greatly help in certain shots. 😛

  4. YongSeng says:

    I want Lomo! Too bad only KL can buy..

  5. yLing:
    Thank you, I love too!

    I love fish eyes the most, very cute and super wide angle, can see everything.

    Oh I see, next time I’ll try on it.

    Yaya, if you got go KL tell me, I want to tumpang you buy something. Hehe.

  6. Adzfar Aiman says:

    Nice one. I like the fisheye picture. Great!

  7. eden says:

    do u mind telling me where’s your teacher’s shop? Which part of penang? i couldn’t find a place to develop my first roll of 120mm film LOL
    the film’s with me all the time.

  8. Adzfar Aiman:

    I don’t really know where the shop is, I pass the film to her in school. But I do know shops develop and process it, check out Excel and Click N Snap at Penang Rd.

  9. momo says:

    help~ where can i get 120mm film..
    i juz bought my Diana F+
    and i cant find any film in Penang..
    i really hope u can reply me and help me…

    if u don’t mind can u pls share the info with me?
    my msn is

    wait for your reply… thanks alot

  10. jsonv says:

    hi, im new in lomo, just want to know where do you print your photos? coz here our local photo shop, wont print my films, coz theyre too long. im using holga, with DIY 35films. they manage to process the negatives. if you know how can scan them myself would be great. thanks

  11. jsonv:
    I print my 120mm at Bee Fong Fotoshop at Jalan Burma here in Penang. As for your 35mm film, I’m not sure because there’s sprocket hole. If you got negatives, try looking for 35mm negative scanner, there’s Epson and Canon, but it will cause like over hundreds. For scanner than can scan 120mm will be more expensive then. Happy lomo!

  12. Chong Pui Yee Emily says:

    Hey, do you use 35mm back in Dianaf+? Do you know what’s the numbering for the P and N? I need your help! (:

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