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Dinner at Clinic Cafe, Seberang Jaya

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I want to tell people that I went to clinic, to eat dinner. LOL. It’s the Clinic Cafe at Seberang Jaya, near to Sunway Carnival Mall. It’s more likely a themed restaurant with a hospital/clinic feel. I read about it in the newspaper and pretty curious about the place so I and some friends went to check it out. I believe there’s already one similar in Singapore’s Clarke Quay, but that’s more on drinking instead of meal.

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It felt a little bit creepy to me when dining in there because, the waiter and waitress dress like a medical officer and it’s like dining in a clinic. Well, this is a simple one, the one in Clarke Quay, Singapore is more beautiful than this. We went there during dinner time but there’s like only 2 tables dining, include us. Pretty quiet. I think old chinese people wouldn’t want to eat here because of pantang.

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After looking at the menu, the food is cheaper than I expected, but not very low price yet. It starts from RM7 and above, serving local oriental and some local western food.

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I ordered the cheapest Tom Yam Fried Rice at RM7.80. They have put in a lot of spices and there’s tom yam taste but I dislike the spices, maybe some like it but not me. Don’t you feel creepy when eating rice in kidney bowl which use during surgery? Eww, haha.

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My friend ordered the Yang Zhou Fried Rice, looks not bad, and tasted pretty good too. There’s lots of vegetable and forgot to mention that all our fried rice came with 4 crispy fried shrimp.

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Oh shit, I’ve forgotten what my friend ordered for this beverage. It’s chocolate milk shake with vanilla ice cream if I am not mistaken, taste good, but RM5.80.

Have you been here before? I not sure whether will I return to this place or not, it’s far! Come open up one in Penang island then that’s good. =D


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