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Design Assignments, Projects = NO LIFE?

Design Assignments, Projects = NO LIFE? – I have been doing a lot of assignments lately, almost everyday that I am working on my school’s assignments which is related to Interior Design. Some people started saying me ‘NO LIFE’ that I everyday do, do and do, lacking entertainment and going out to relax. Hahaha, I also started to think that am I having a ‘NO LIFE’?

Design Assignments, Projects = NO LIFE? Workstation

I guess many design school student, e.g. interior design, graphic design, or multimedia design, even architecture student have the same ‘assignments/projects all-the-time’ life as me, right? I think it’s only us, the creative student is the most busy one, I see business school’s students are so free.

But then, I kinda enjoy this kind of busy-ness (WEIRD). I just keep thinking that I have to finish the assignments fast so that I can enjoy to the fullest, I wonder is it correct or not? I am trying to find a balance point between work and play, but haven’t found it yet as I think that right now, my responsible, my task is to study well; only when I am working in the future, work and play must be balance.

Design Assignments, Projects = NO LIFE? Workstation

Well, I’ve got to say, working on projects non-stop is my life right now, I just wanted to finish them fast and end it quickly. Mom is also getting frustrated that every time I tell her that I am doing project. Do you have a busy working, assignments life like me, and enjoying it?

Assignments, Projects = NO LIFE? By the way, I am back to Nick Chan Dot Net. So long no write, so much to write, so many thing to share. =D

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