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Day Out With Felix and Friends

Here’s a day out with Felix, who is a 11 years old boy, and brother of Arron, my good friend. =D Few weeks back in Penang, I went to Queensbay Mall to meet up with Chen Yuen who came back from Kampar and many people. It’s had been a few months I didn’t see them already, many went to Kampar for studies. Soon I will be like that also because I am now in Kuala Lumpur!

So that day, afternoon I drove to Queensbay Mall. I went there to join them for movie, Despicable Me which is a very cute and funny cartoon and highly recommended if you haven’t watch. I didn’t think of going to the KTV and I was there early before the movie and some friends were in the KTV, so I went to visit them at Neway. My first time and last time of going to Neway Karaoke before I moved to Kuala Lumpur. Woo.

After movie, we just went walking around the mall as we have nothing much to do.

Yiphing and me.

With Boo Teik and Chien Chern, they are the “animals”.

Arron Lim’s brother, Felix.

Ammerlynn, Chen Yuen and me.

Sher Reen and me.

Boon Hooi, studying at UTAR, Kampar too!

I am wondering, how are you guys back there? Are you guys doing good? I am miss home badly. Sucks man.

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