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Colourless Thursday In Taylor’s University

Happy Malaysia Day my fellow friends! Woohoo! Finally, after so many years that this day get recognized.

Thursday was no good to me. I got emotional, there’s many thought went through my mind, I just kept thinking that I was doing not so well in studies and I tell myself I must try my best and work hard. I am really bad in hand or manual drawing, give me a computer and a mouse, I rather use the computer then use the hand.

Haha, you might be thinking why I choose interior design despite not good at drawing. I wonder is it necessary? It’s a creative subject, it uses the mind more than hand in my opinion.

I realised that there’s many good “drawer” or artist in the class which makes me feel lousy. Though, I feel good now, I told myself, I must work hard to be better and the best. I feel better now after taking photos in black and white. Woohoo.

Thursday is always a tiring day for me because class is from 8am to 7pm with only just an hour of break at noon for lunch. The study hour is even longer than a working person. Haha, I seriously think that they should reedit the timetable again. Computer Aided Design, Moral Eduation, Design Studio and lastly Building Construction.


Hmm… Not really a good afternoon in uni and I did feel stress and tired.


Afterall, let’s forget about the down-ness and check out Malaysia’s Day today. Where you guys going? Going to check out the parade at Dataran Merdeka? I wish I could, but I just couldn’t. Have some other plans today. =D



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