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CNY 2013: 年初2 PSY Gangnam Style x2 Penang

CNY 2013: 年初2 PSY Gangnam Style x2 Penang – BN said it’s just a cultural Chinese New Year open house for the Penangite, no political agenda behind it, but how do you explain the thousands of blue Barisan National & 1Malaysia flags in Penang which are dangerous to the motorist and unsightful to the beautiful Penang. If you are in Penang, it’s just madness.
Monday morning, 2nd day of Chinese New Year was extraordinary hot yet I was very excited to see PSY’s Gangnam Style at the Barisan National Chinese New Year Open House Celebration at Han Chiang’s High School. Surprisingly, there’s not much of traffic jam on the road, instead it’s human jam at the venue. I was there to see PSY, not Prime Minister, nor other government officials.
Eyesore, unsightful flags.
It’s really very hot, I regretted did not bring an umbrella with me and a big bottle of ice cold water. The scorching heat of the sun could anytime dehydrate me and caused me to faint. I was seeking for shade, squatting down among the sea of human to get some shade from the 35 degree cel direct solar heat.
The venue was filled with everyone, Malaysians, it’s not just Malaysian Chinese, but Malay, Indian too. Many were there to see PSY, many were there to get free food too. I wonder how many were there to actually see the PM?
Manage to hear the nice voice of Shila Hamza, later then the speech of Teng Chang Yeow (Penang BN Leader) & Najib Razak (Prime Minister) caused some laughter among the crowds as they were not what the crowds wanted to see most. Feel bad for them as crowd was booing for Teng Chang Yeow, saying NO when Najib shouted ‘Are you ready for BN?’, Rosmah singing Chinese New Year song and Najib failed to invite PSY for lou sang. Hahaha. Too bad.
After 1.5 hours being under the hot sun, PSY appeared, after the long winded speech by Teng, Najib and singing of Rosmah! Oh gosh! The excitement increased more than 100%! Took a few photos of him in a rush and get myself into the tune and rhythm of Gangnam Style! Oppa! Very sad to see that the front crowds was busy taking video and photo of him, come on, you see him all the time on the Internet and it’s time to join the Gangnam dance. Luckily, happily, PSY did the Gangnam Style the second time! And this time, he managed to get the crowds dancing along! SHIOKNESS!
After PSY, time to go, took about half an hour to get out of this place. Very bad crowd control and went to look for fluid to re-hydrate  Very hot. Well, very happy to see PSY and enjoyed my 10 minutes with Gangnam Style. BEST CNY! Thanks BN for bringing PSY, but you still are not my favourite political party in Malaysia.

Gangnam T-shirt!
PSY Head!
Lot’s of Lion Dance head at there, seriously, a lot!
Uncle Choi Shen! God of Wealth.
Happy happy!
They probably does not know what’s going on the stage. They were probably waiting for PSY, or free food, maybe?
Uncle preparing food.
OK, met Kok Sheng who was helper at there. No political influence, just a random helper, and thanks to him only I get entrance ticket into the area near the stage.
The ticket.
Some argued because they don’t get to go in. Very bad crowd control, serious.
Trust me, you don’t want to stand under this weather, 35 degree celcius, direct solar heat, cloudless.
Favourite T-shirt.
Shila Hamzah is awesome!
Unfavourable Teng Chang Yeow.
Unfavourable bunch of political people. NAJIB, ROSMAH, NG YEN YENG & more.
MC, DJ for PSY!
‘Are you ready for GANGNAM?!’
Go home right after PSY, didn’t care what happened after PSY.
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