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Cibai Vagina Warriors & Stop LYNAS

Cibai Vagina Warriors & Stop LYNAS – Are you feeling funny with the title of this post? I also feel very funny when I read it but Vagina Warriors is real. It’s actually a stage play by a performing arts society call Neigbourhood in Penang. I just went to see the 90 minutes drama at the Penang PAC (Performing Arts Centre of Penang) at Straits Quay just now and it’s awesome, funny and it’s a good show after all.

How I came across this was reading on the newspaper where the title Vagina Warriors caught my attention. Its description asked why a exit of life will turn into a vulgar word by the people – Cibai? It sounded interesting and since I’ve been wanting to go catch a show at Penang PAC, finally I’ve got a chance. Ticket was RM18/student when group purchase of 5 and normal tics at RM30, normal student ticket at RM23.

The Vagina Warriors is a show that talks about vagina, the genital of woman. It introduces and explains more about it which focus on topic like menstruation, the clitoris, facts about rape, giving birth and more. It’s like a documentary drama with jokes. Well, it’s something embarrass to talk about, but after watching the show, I understand more about it. One funny part is when the actress asked the spectators to shout “CIBAI”, super duper funny.

After all, it’s educational and it’s a good show. Nothing dirty about it.

The hall is so much smaller than KLPAC, but it’s cool!


One thing that we spotted at Penang PAC is that the Neighborhood Performance Group set up a little corner of “Says No To LYNAS”. Well, I also want to say no to LYNAS because it’s bad for human health in the east coast of Malaysia. A little bit information about LYNAS that it’s a factory that will be set up at Pahang, which this factory will dispose toxic and high radio activity waste substances that are harmful to human health. There will be an Anti-LYNAS rally (Himpunan Hijau 2.0) in Kuantan this Sunday, please support and together, anti-LYNAS.

Learn more about LYNAS through the video below:

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