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These Chinese New Year Songs Will Make You Feel Festive!

These Chinese New Year Songs Will Make You Feel Festive! – First time of my life, I am living so far away from home, centred at the middle of the Earth – UK, cold and missing home, I don’t get to reunion and celebrate the fun Chinese New Year with my family back in Malaysia.

Despite there’s still quite a numbers of Chinese (from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia & beyond) are residing here, yet the feeling and atmosphere is totally different. Chinatown is where the only place I can be at to feel the reunion of – overseas Chinese. That’s why I am heading to London’s Chinatown during CNY!

I definitely don’t like the feeling of being away during Chinese New Year, it’s the only time of the year where everyone will be back. Even some times it’s just HELLO and BYE BYE, that’s still better than not seeing each other. Go home if you can, call home and if you can’t, let’s just listen to some Malaysian-made Chinese New Year songs that will ease the homesickness and I am very sure-ahhhh, these Malaysian Chinese New Year songs are so much better than the original-China’s version.

The dragon year 16-mins medley from Astro is still the best after all!

I think that it’s only in Malaysia-lah, that TV stations, radio stations are all ‘competing’ to release their own Chinese New Year song. I don’t really see that in Hong Kong, or Singapore, or Taiwan! Awesome right?
Happy Chinese New Year in advance, from Newcastle.
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