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Chew Jetty, China House, Penang Bridge, Street Arts, Straits Quay

Being Tour Guide: Chew Jetty, China House, Penang Bridge, Street Arts, Straits Quay – Some times, when friends of other place come to Penang, I always wonder where to bring them. Eat! But then we can’t eat all the time, the stomach will get full and at that time, it’s time for a little walk and exploration, but where to?

Penang is a small town, there’s actually many thing to explore, but some times I don’t know where to start. Last week, an Indonesian friend – Arvin came to Penang and here’s some places that I brought him to:

  • Chew Jetty
  • Straits Quay
  • Jelutong’s Nautilus Bay to check out Penang Bridge
  • Snake Temple
  • China House (Heritage-style restaurant)
  • Street Arts
  • Hard Rock Hotel & Batu Ferringhi
Actually there’s still more to do like:
  • Penang Hill (I didn’t go because my friend is foreigner and has to pay more for the tram)
  • Cycling in Balik Pulau
  • Cycling in George Town
  • Jungle trekking to Pantai Kerachut
  • Kek Lok Si Temple
  • What else?
Anyway, I think I did good as being a tour guide bringing him around some of the must-see/must-do places in Penang. =D


Chew Jetty is a must-bring because it’s a living heritage of Penang.
And it has a good view across Penang’s Straits too.


Since I parked my car quite near to China House, so it became one of the attraction as it has a very cool interior design and nice arts collection.
Nice food too but we didn’t stop by for the food.
Art decor in China House.


I brought my friend to Straits Quay to check out the modern side of Penang. It has a good view of Gurney Drive where all the tall condos are.


Evening, we went to the street arts by Ernest since it’s not hot. (Me, Alvin, Wanyi and Arvin the friend from Indonesia)
Street arts have became a very famous attractions in Penang. Cool!
Some filming going on in the heart of George Town.


I believe most people won’t bring their guest here, but I do because here you can take a good view of Penang Bridge.
Here is the Penang Bridge.


On random place I brought my friend was this place under the Penang Bridge where you can get a close view on the Penang Bridge. =D
I still wonder how people go to the columns there. By boat?
Under the bridge.


Last stop, the snake temple.

How about you? Where will you bring your friend to? Or any suggestion for other places/activities?

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