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Chatime Bubble Tea & 102 Chinese Cuisine At Bellisa Row

Chatime Bubble Tea & 102 Chinese Cuisine At Bellisa Row – Chatime is now one of the famous Taiwanese bubble tea brand in Penang and drinking out at Chatime’s is now a trend. More and more people is hanging out at Chatime instead of Starbucks, Coffee Bean.

In Penang, there’s a new Chatime just open recently at Bellisa Row, Pulau Tikus which now Penang has a total of 4 Chatime outlets – Gurney Plaza, Queensbay Mall, 1st Avenue as well as Bellisa Row.

Located on Bellisa Row shoplots, the Chatime outlet was actually a Chinese restaurant – Dragon 9ine Restaurant which has closed down and change to offer Chatime bubble tea and 102 Taiwanese Cuisine.

It might be one of the coolest Chatime outlet in Penang as you can not only drink Chatime bubble tea beverage, but you can eat Taiwanese cuisine at the same time. The outlet is divided into two F&B outlet, but then they are link together in between, but different unit.  One more thing, free wifi is available too!

The 102 Restaurant offers Chinese food as well as Taiwanese cuisine in their menu, snacks and finger food. It’s a good combination and add-on for Chatime bubble tea.

I didn’t really had my dinner meal there, instead I ordered the Taiwanese sausage as a snack to eat and at the same time enjoy Chatime bubble tea.

My favourite Chatime’s beverage are:

  • Roasted Milk Tea + Pearl
  • Lychee Yakult Jelly QQ + Pearl
  • Jasmine Green Tea Mousse + Pearl
  • Macha Tea Mousse + Pearl

How about yours?

Chatime & 102 Chinese Cuisine

368-1-5, Bellisa Row,
Jalan Burma,
10350, Penang, Malaysia.

Telephone: +6012-4314319


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