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Cecil Street Market And Hawker Stalls (Qit Tiao Lor Ban San / 七条路巴刹)

Cecil Street Market And Hawker Stalls (Qit Tiao Lor Ban San / 七条路巴刹)
#1: You will know the place by seeing the name Pusat Penjaja Lebuh Cecil which means Cecil Street’s Food Court.

Cecil Street Market And Hawker Stalls (Qit Tiao Lor Ban San / 七条路巴刹) - Cecil Street, also known as Qit Tiao Lor in Hokkien or literally means 7th Road is famous for its market and hawker stalls. Many locals love to flock into the market and hawker stall to eat out and hunt for good food as there have a variety of local Penang hawker food to choose from.

#2: A Hokkien Prawn Noodle stalls which haven’t open yet.

Cecil Street Markat & Hawker Stalls is one of my favourite place to eat in Penang given that the place is more local-ish to me with 99.9% people eating out are locals and for its great variety of local food. I dislike hawker food stalls like at tourist centric Gurney Drive area and New Lane.

#3: Aunty was thinking something.

#4: A busy woman talking on the phone and wanting to buy kuih.

#5: At the kuih stalls, the owner lady trying to tell the girl how much it is for the kuih.

Yesterday, I went there with my mom to have lunch, and also to buy some stuff from the market to cook at home. It was about noon time and you can hear many people chattering around with coffee boy shouting here and there loudly to order a drinks for the customers.

#6: Another hidden and good hokkien prawn noodle stalls. The name is Ah Lai’s Hokkien Prawn Noodle.

#7: Disabled person trying to earn some living by selling his voices – singing karaoke, which turns out to has a good voice.

#8: An old lady waiting for … someone, or food.

#9: Picking dishes which to be eat with porridge.

Aroma of local food can be inhaled at there. Hokkien dialect is the main language of the hawker food stalls area which can be heard almost everywhere. Everyone was busy chomping their food and talking. I was then busy taking photos around, capturing the image of the locals to share with you guys.

#10: Fishmonger scrapping off the fish scales.

#11: A man in helmet picking shrimps.

#12: Eat more vegetables which is very good for your health.

#13: Garlic, do you like it? Yes, I do.

#14: A lady buying stuff at the market.

I’ll show you in other post that what I have eaten yesterday. Porridge with a few dishes, and a bowl of Penang hokkien prawn noodle was my lunch yesterday, which is deliciously good.

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