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Beautiful Sunday At Tynemouth Beach

Beautiful Sunday At Tynemouth Beach – Throwing back some old stuff that happened a month ago where there was still plenty of beautiful sunny day, one of which, a good day out to the beach! Well, previously I talked about wandering around the weekend market at Tynemouth Station, this actually continues from there.
Located on the far east end of Newcastle is the Tynemouth Longsands beach and shore. It was still early Autumn where the weather was still not at a freezing temperature, though it’s still chilly and cold at times, a day out to the beach was ideal. Tynemouth is a small little town by the sea, the main attraction of course is not the town, but the beach and the Tynemouth Priory and Castle. We didn’t go to the castle because we need to pay for it, so we spent most of the time by the shore, enjoying the chilly breeze, as well as fish & chips!
You know, I just love sitting by the seaside, listening to the sound of wave hitting the shore. The beautiful sound just calms the mind a lot. Moreover it was a good blue sky day. At Tynemouth Longsands, I was surprised that there’s people playing in the water, and surfing too! I wonder what’s the coldness of the water and I took of my shoes, then went to put my feet into the North Sea. It’s cold! I just wonder how could they stand the cold in the water. Perhaps I’ve been living in the tropical country where the sea water is always warm.
It was a good day. I want to come back here for a sunrise, but it’s super cold in the morning and I am not sure whether I can wake up or not. Ha.
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