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Bangkok: Wat Pho

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Bangkok Trip: Wat Pho (Day 4) – After getting back from Wat Arun, we went to the famous reclining Buddha temple – Wat Pho right away. Mom and dad were not interest in it too because they had went in before, so it’s me and Hueisean who went in to check out the reclining Buddha.

The Wat Pho was under-renovation at that time, but luckily it’s still open to visitors. Entrance to the Wat Pho Reclining Buddha Hall is charged at 100 Baht per person, with a free bottle of mineral water. That’s sounded cool. It was just a small bottle of mineral water, better than nothing.

The Wat Pho was pretty crowded with tourists. The hall that lies the huge golden Reclining Buddha is hot, and narrow. Although the hall is not very big, yet exploring the hall takes time because of the narrow passage and the presence of huge crowds.

After exploring the reclining Buddha (sleeping Buddha), I went to tour around the Wat Pho compound for a little while. Wat Pho is not actually about the Reclining Buddha only, but there’s also a proper shrine hall that house the Buddha statue for people to worship with joss stick. There’s also presence of Thai-style holy tower-liked structure in the Wat Pho compound.

I am pretty amaze with the huge Reclining Buddha in the hall, it’s really huge and the whole statue is painted in golden paint and mother of pearl are inlaid at the Buddha’s feet. However, the 100 Baht entrance is expensive though, 50 Baht would be better. Haha. Nevertheless, it’s a must visit if you are in Bangkok since it’s so near to other attractions like the Grand Palace and Wat Arun.


Click here for more posts about my Bangkok Trip.

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