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Bangkok: Must-Eat Swensens Ice Cream

Bangkok: Must-Eat Swensens Ice Cream – You know right, one of the must-eat thing in Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand is Swensen’s Ice Cream. Why? It’s because it’s dirty cheap, no I should say low-priced! Yeah, the desserts are so much cheaper than the Swensen’s in Malaysia and Singapore. Ice cream desserts in Thai’s Swensen’s starts from 69Baht (about RM7), and in Malaysia it’s from RM15, there’s so much difference!
After some research, I found out that Swensen’s actually specialize in ice cream desserts and founded in San Francisco, California. Somehow, the Swensen’s in Malaysia and Singapore serves food, which seems more to be a Western cuisine restaurant than ice cream restaurant.
So in Thai, the Swensen’s only serves ice cream, and you must just try it out!
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