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Bangkok: Delicious Pork Burger & Sausages At 7 Eleven

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Bangkok Food: Delicious Pork Burger & Sausages At 7 Eleven  – One of the must eat snack food in Bangkok, Thailand is the pork sausages and pork burger in 7 Eleven convenience store. It’s their specialty that all of their 7 Eleven sells pork sausages and pork burger. It’s cheap, it’s nice and it’s delicious.

They have a variety of pork sausage for you to choose, there’s choice of black pepper sausage, sausage with bacon, foot long sausage and more. It costs from only 15 Baht.

Besides, pork burger is another must try. They actually just heat the bread and the pork patties, as well as egg for you, then your burger is served. It’s fast and so cheap in price at only cheapest 20 Baht too. You can then enhance your burger by adding various vegetable like onion, lettuce, tomato slices and sauces like tomato, chilli and mayo. It’s delicious too. On my 5 days trip, I have eaten so much of these. =D If you cannot eat pork, you can pick the chicken version too.

So, if you are in Bangkok, don’t forget to try out these little snack food. Simple, yet delicious. Not very healthy though. Haha.

So, here I end my Bangkok trip post. It’s a good place and I will visit again to explore more of Bangkok and Thailand. I find that everything is quite cheap and affordable in Bangkok, and the food is suitable for me, and delicious too. If you are a girl, Bangkok is a must-visit for you because it’s a shopping heaven. I prefer exploring historical attractions in Thailand.

Hope you enjoy my travel sharing and click here for more posts about my Bangkok Trip. The next travel post that I’m going to write – China. =D

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