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Back To School – Taylor’s University

Kevin To the Vietnamese geek.

Hello people, I am feeling very TL right now because I have typed a very long post and WordPress didn’t auto-save it and now I have to retype again, but I am going into summary mode right now. Haha.

Steve and Wesley addicted to the new game, Fruit Processing,

So I am now back to school, back to college or university, whatever term that you want to name it. So far so good, assignment is compiling now, more and more. Stress, sleepless night, many thinking and work are coming to me. It will be tired, but I don’t mind, because that’s life right? How can life be interesting when there’s nothing to do.

Nick the blogger, me.

Added more pool table and foosball table. All coin operated. WTH.

School has been good for the passed 2 weeks. I saw the Singaporean director Jack Neo who directed the movie “I Am Not Stupid” came to my campus to do some shooting for its sequel. So lame was that the film crew didn’t allow us to take any photo of the scene and process. How stupid it was.

Just spotted a few scene and didn’t bother to go check it out as there’s nothing much interesting, it only get interested when the film is out and I will see my school in it. =D

One thing I dislike about Taylor’s is now they started charging parking fee at RM3 per entry, though being a kiam siap (selfish) people, I park at the free zone far far away (as there’s still two free rocky zone) and I have to walk under the hot sun everyday. What a money face school. And one more is they also charge their shuttle bus service for commuting students to hostel and the other campus, really ridiculous.

So now is mid-Hungry Ghost Month, don’t go out so much, it’s the most scariest part of the month and I heard that people same year born as me, 1992 is advised to wear red clothing on Monday, 15 August which is to block all the bad luck. I am in, how about you? =D

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