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Back To Chung Ling High School on 020710

I went back to my high school last Friday for lunch. Some people thought that it’s kinda weird going back to high school to have meal at there. Tell you what, I miss my high school’s canteen food a lot and ex-Chung Ling students often go back to the canteen for meal too. Same as my dad who have graduated for over 30 years and he still sometimes go back for lunch.

One is because it’s cheap, two is parking and three is delicious. When I was in high school, the delicious feeling couldn’t be tasted because we were like eating the same thing every day but when we get out, it’s like we couldn’t eat the same thing everyday again and sometimes, crave for it.

Went there with Chien Chern. After lunch, we walked around the school. This might not be my last time going back to school, but it might be my last time walking around the school. 2 weeks plus and I will be leaving Penang. I course will come back to look for my high school’s canteen food, but don’t know when will be the next time. I will be far away!

Saw many friends but hard to join in because they are mixing with a new gang right now, new class and new year for them. I am still waiting for college.

2009, by me. =D

2010, by don’t know who.

Then I found my Leo Club’s notice board, it’s so much different from what I did for the board right now. I did contribute to the notice board when I was in the club last year. =D

Looking at them working out in school, I kinda miss the days back, but I know nothing can turn the clock backwards. I have to move on already. If you are still in high school, do enjoy it to the max, it’s the best part of life. Always have no worries one. I regret why I only enjoyed the last two years and the other 3 years, maybe I was still too naive. Haha.

Walking around the school was actually not because wanted to walk for fun, it’s too full after the lunch and was trying to digest the food, at the same time, checking out old stuff like classes I studied in.

When I was in afternoon class that time, during form 1 and form 2, not many great memories though, was still like a kid. But one thing I know, I was a blogger since end of Form 1 and started experiment with photography in Form 2. =D

Class changed a lot. It was a place I crazied, slept, shouted, screamed in and it’s now my place. If you ask me to be back student for a day, I can’t, because the feeling has gone and it’s a past. No more turning back. Everyone is gone! Look at the table arrangement, it’s all different already.


Form 4 and Form 5 were the best year in high school. I am not a bad kid but I have kena disciplined action before because of always bringing stuffs like camera and cellphone and going out of the class. Haha. Don’t think I am bad, I am just playful, I assumed. If I didn’t bring camera, you wouldn’t see so many school life post at here already.


Why the school here don’t allow cellphone and camera? I strongly disagree with these. I need to blog my life and share! It’s memories. Cellphone is for contacting and don’t talk about public pay phone, they sucks and it’s only usable after school. What if you want to contact your parents to fetch you when you found out the meeting has canceled or on the other way around? But nevermind, I brought it like almost every day last time, just I didn’t use in class, I am sure.

High school rocks, especially Chung Ling High School.

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