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Away to PLKN (Day 27): I Am Going To Taylor’s University College

I’ve no idea how to tell you how’s my life in NS, still good I assume. ^^

IMG_6997 by nicholaschan.

In this coming July 2010, I will be going to Kuala Lumpur, the capital to pursue my study. Oh yeah, it’s something sad and exciting, going away from home to go study. For sure, I will homesick, and also friend-sick. LOL. I will miss everything back home, my comfy bed, my lovely big screen TV, my big room, my daddy, my mommy and everything at home. I will also miss all my friends and the magnificent six (include me), Arron, Chien Chern, Yiphing, Chaiwei and Chen Yuen, and also not in the magnificent Alvin, Ammerlynn, Zez Chien, and also many more. Haha.

Shit, I am talking like I am going to leave soon. Actually not, I will be still in Penang for like 3 months because my school only starts on the 26 of July 2010.

IMG_6981 by nicholaschan.

I’ll be studying Interior Design course at Taylor’s University College, hopefully I will meet you KL people at there. Hehe.

IMG_6985 by nicholaschan.

IMG_6984 by nicholaschan.
The Taylor’s Residence a.k.a. Hostel, was still in the middle of construction, hopefully it’s done when I arrive in campus.

So why Taylor’s and not Penang? I want to go explore out-of-Penang, I want a campus life, I want to meet new people, I want to learn more, I like the school, it’s new and so on so on.

IMG_6992 by nicholaschan.
Nice lecture theater facing the lake.

IMG_6996 by nicholaschan.
Food court.

We’ve visited the school 2 months ago and it’s really pretty. There’s a lake in the middle of the campus, everything is new, the classroom, the chairs, the tables and me. It’s newly built and open in January lately only. So it’s cool.

Penang has no pretty school, interior design at Penang’s The One Academy is new, Equator Academy is ugly, I must move on. =) I’ll talk more about it when I get into the college in July, oh yeah! Gonna enjoy most of my time with my family and friends here to the fullest first, and also NS.

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  • Jarell
    April 28, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    wow…lakeside campus…


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