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Away to PLKN (Day 16): Lomo #3

At the very first time, when I knew about being chosen for PLKN, I was very scared. I was not sad, but scared, worried that how would I survive in the camp.

000002 by nicholaschan.
Jing Min during SPM 2009.

My mind go on and off for this PLKN. At first, I thought of going, Google a lot about it, then I didn’t get in the first batch, after a while, I didn’t feel like going already because the exciting feel went away, and then, I got news about being in the 2nd batch which is this batch that I am in currently, I become excited again. Friends who had went to, came back and told me about their experience and I felt not that bad afterall.

000012 by nicholaschan.
Arron and friend and his Sonata during SPM 2009.

Being bald is not what I worry (actually got dislike a bit, hehe), but being disconnected from the world and outside was what I worried. No Internet, no mobile phone, no radio. This sucks a bit. Although we are allow to use the mobile phone on weekend, but for sure the Google Nexus One is not with me. If I bring it, I scared it being stolen, and no camera mobile phone too! It must be camera-less phone. Sucks.

000005 by nicholaschan.
Somewhere inside school, the field, on a rainy day.

Then the next thing I worried was about gangsters inside, but I think nothing will happen if I do nothing to them. =)

000003 by nicholaschan.
Somewhere outside school.

15 days gone. Less than 85 more days to go! Yay.

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