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Always Rain In Klang Valley

Always Rain In Klang Valley

Always Rain In Klang Valley – It’d been raining almost everyday and the rain has just stopped now long here in Petaling Jaya. Is it the rain season right now? I wonder where the rainfall is coming from. It’s really raining non-stop and heavily here and there. There’s hurricane in the US past few weeks, there’s typhoon in Taiwan, there’s hurricane in Japan, what’s happening to the earth? 2012 is coming? Haha.

Rainy day is very nice to stay indoor, relax, chill and sleep at home, but it’s not nice to be out, it’s so troublesome that I have to carry an umbrella all around, pants and feet get wet, and of course the most hate of all, traffic jam.

How about you? Do you like rainy day?


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